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The Rules

Started by Steve, 29 May, 2015, 13:54:10 PM

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Specific ProATC forum rules

  • Your Access to this Forum:
    Your access to this forum is not a right. You are allowed access because you have purchased or are interested in ProATCX and have agreed to these Terms of Service and commit to abide by them. If you do not abide by them, your access will be removed. However, PointSoftware reserves the right to remove or ban a user at any time, based solely on our judgement and what we deem to be in the best interests of PointSoftware, our community, and its partners and advertisers.

  • Freedom Of Speech:
    ProATCX is not a democracy, and there is no such thing as "Freedom of Speech" in this forum. If you believe that you are entitled to that freedom without restriction and that you should be able to do and say as you please, then reconsider... Please do not come here

  • Threats and Intimidation of Staff and Members:
    ProATCX forum is operated by volunteers. Any harassment, threats, or other objectionable behaviour toward them or fellow community members will result in the harshest of consequences. This is a "One Strike and You are Out" offense. There are no excuses for abuse of our volunteers and members and none will be tolerated.

  • Behavior and Your Actions:
    Your acts and words on his forum will not, in any way, infringe upon others enjoyment of this forum. Any acts of bigotry, profanity, or disregard for what is reasonably considered to be social "norms" will result in suspension or banning entirely. Keep in mind that ProATCX is a multinational and multicultural site some customers are young flight simmers, and "norms" vary from country to country. What may be acceptable in your culture / country, may not be acceptable in others. If in doubt, contact ProATCX staff BEFORE you post anything that could be offensive elsewhere. This clause also includes and refers to any material or language that ProATCX Staff consider to be inflammatory and intended to do no more than elicit controversy and division.

  • Sign your posts:
    Your are required to sign your posts with your real FULL NAME ( not negotiable ). Why? you require help it's only courteous that we know who were talking too, additionally it will allow user verification.
    The easiest option to ensure compliance is to set your signature in profile options.

  • Forum Moderation:
    The forum is FULLY MODERATED, your posts require approval before they can be seen by others.

  • Inactivity:
    Forum members that are not verified as product users and that have not logged in to the forum for greater than twelve months will have their accounts deleted.